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The Garden of Lights returns to Krakow with a new event!

Hey ho, hey ho! Lets go to the Garden of Lights!


Mirror, after all, where will one of the most beautiful light exhibitions in the world be?


After the huge success of the previous edition of the Garden of Lights – Alice in Wonderland, which delighted with its magical land nearly 300,000 visitors, also this fall, in the same place, Krakow will shine again with the glow of hundreds of thousands of lights.


What awaits visitors this season? The whole show consists of almost 30 light installations, such as a dwarf house in the form of a 12-meter light tunnel, a diamond and diamond mine, and many multimedia attractions, such as a multimedia Christmas tree made of 30,000 LED lights, as well as a large popularity of laser shows.


There will be elements of games and challenges for the youngest, as well as a good ending, i.e. awakening the princess by the prince from a dream, after which everyone will live happily ever after.


All light figures are surrounded by multimedia illuminations that harmonize with sound, image and music.


Cracovians, but also all visitors who want to see one of the largest light exhibitions in Poland located in the open air, on an area of ​​6 hectares of park, surrounded by trees decorated with over half a million LED lights, will have a unique opportunity to create interesting memories and souvenirs in beautiful photos and videos. Many charming photo points located throughout the exhibition will help the visitors to capture the beautiful frames.


Just like last year, this year’s exhibition of the Garden of Lights is being created in cooperation with the Museum of Municipal Engineering in Krakow. The event acts as an open-air exhibition and does not require direct interaction with any exhibits. For the comfort of visitors, the online purchase of tickets will be limited and possible only for selected visiting hours.


Tickets for sale are available on the website www.bilety.ogrodswiatel.pl and at the ticket offices in the Garden of Experiences in Krakow.