Snow White – Cracow 2021/2022

Kraków, Poland
Ogród Doświadczeń im. Stanisława Lema
05.11.2021 - 27.02.2022
Snow White – Cracow 2021/2022
A thrilling and extraordinary event which brings us closer to well-known and loved fairy tales.

Snow White – Garden of Lights is the second edition of the light exhibition in the Science Garden in Kraków.

After the huge success of the previous edition of the Garden of Lights – Alice in Wonderland, which charmed almost 300,000 visitors in 2021 with its magic atmosphere, the same location will once again shine with hundreds of thousands of lights.

This time, we are taken on a light trip to an incredible world created by the Grimm brothers – the magical land of Snow White and the dwarfs. In the fairy-tale forest created by us, visitors start their adventure from a magic apple and as they pass through the entrance gate in the form of a giant book, they go on a walk through the most important moments from Snow White’s story and the everyday life of the dwarfs.


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The whole exhibition is located in a 10-hectare area of the Science Garden in Kraków. The scenery was supplemented by matching multimedia elements, such as: a tunnel and a multimedia Christmas tree, a light meadow, laser shows and multimedia vines.

The Garden of Lights, whose theme is the story of Snow White, is one of three open-air light exhibitions organised by us in the 2021/2022 season. Each of them was inspired by a different timeless story and designed so as to correspond to the local flora and landscape. The story, heroes who have lived in our imagination for years, and the setting of the place make each Garden special and one of a kind.