Peter Pan – Warsaw 2021/2022

PAN Ogród Botaniczny w Powsinie
05.11.2021 - 27.02.2022
Peter Pan – Warsaw 2021/2022
A thrilling and engaging event which takes visitors on a poetic and fabulous trip to the Neverland.

By combining the beauty of the Botanical Garden of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw with modern multimedia solutions, we transformed a well-known place and showed it in a completely new light. Inspired by the mission to tell timeless stories to people, the Garden of Lights takes visitors to light-filled and magical Neverland, the place of eternal childhood and dreams.

Fascinated by the story of Peter Pan, we decided to show the most important elements of his magical world. From the very beginning of this great journey, as the visitors pass the threshold of the entrance gate and follow the direction indicated by the rainbow path, they rediscover the whole story.

Apart from light figures which show the key scenes from the fairy tale, the exhibition is supplemented by multimedia light installations, such as: an 18-metre long light tunnel, a multimedia Christmas tree with 40,000 LEDs, laser shows, video mapping and much more. Each of these attractions matches the sound, image and music.


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The Peter Pan Garden of Lights is a fairy-tale light exhibition which will continue to amaze visitors with its magical aura for 4 months and which is the latest success in our growing list.