Alice in Wonderland – Cracow 2021/2022

Kraków, Poland
Ogród Doświadczeń im. Stanisława Lema
1.10.2020 - 27.02.2021
Alice in Wonderland – Cracow 2021/2022
The first Garden of Lights of this type in Poland

Alice in Wonderland is the first Garden of Lights of this type in Poland. This light exhibition lasted 4 months and was admired by almost 300,000 visitors.

We created Wonderland in a 10-hectare closed area of the Science Garden in Kraków. The exhibition gave all viewers a unique opportunity to set out on a journey through Alice’s metaphorical and multimedia world, follow light paths and get to know mad and unreal residents of Wonderland. Thanks to spectacular light installations, the visitors could look into the Rabbit Hole, meet the smiling Cheshire Cat and the Hookah-Smoking Caterpillar, join the Mad Tea Party and visit the Queen of Hearts in her own castle. Moreover, all the light figures that we designed were surrounded by multimedia illuminations which matched the sound, image and music, ensuring many magnificent emotions and unforgettable impressions.

Moreover, the Garden of Lights had a unique 16-metre high Christmas tree with 30 thousand multimedia LEDs, a two-part light labyrinth with 50 thousand LEDs, an 18-metre long multimedia light tunnel, laser shows and many more attractions.


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