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From Warsaw to Neverland – a journey through the enchanted Garden of Lights

From Warsaw to Neverland – a journey through the enchanted Garden of Lights


In the upcoming fall-winter season, Warsaw residents will travel to Neverland thanks to the outdoor exhibition Garden of Lights – Peter Pan. It will be available to visitors for the next 4 months – from November 5, 2021 to February 27, 2022, so anyone who would like to feel like Tinkerbell, Wendy or the main character of this world-famous story will surely find a convenient time to visit the Garden Botanical in Powsin. The event will take place in a separate area of ​​10 hectares of park, in a beautiful scenery sparkling with half a million LED lights decorating the enchanted trees and vegetation of the Botanical Garden.


What exactly awaits those who decide to flee with Peter Pan to the world of Neverland? Almost 30 light installations and many unique multimedia attractions, such as a multimedia Christmas tree made of 40,000 LED lights (attraction available from December 6, 2021), as well as laser shows with full sound and video-mapping.


There will be elements of games and challenges for the youngest, as well as many photo-points located throughout the exhibition, such as the great Panther Chief Plume, Treasure Chest or Crocodile Pit. All light figures are surrounded by multimedia illuminations that harmonize with sound, image and music.


Fascinated by the story of the island of eternal childhood, we decided to show its most important elements known to all children and their parents. Already at the very beginning of this colorful journey, when you cross the threshold of the entrance gate and follow the direction indicated by the rainbow path, you will know what story is just opening up before you.


Just like in the book, a series of exciting adventures of a group of children begins in the children’s room. The other lantern scenes are presented, among others, by the flight of children to Neverland over London, the Spicy Village, the Landing of the Elves that live in the bough of the old tree, and the Skull Island, accessible only to those who find their way through the enchanted maze. The visual feast does not end on the ground – the multimedia, light meadow on the water is another intriguing element of the exhibition that will turn the surroundings into a fairy-tale landscape.


The event acts as an open-air exhibition and does not require direct interaction with any exhibits. For the comfort of visitors, the purchase of tickets online will be limited and possible only for selected visiting hours. Tickets, depending on the day, will be available online at www.bilety.ogrodswiatel.pl and at ticket offices and ticket machines in the garden of the Botanical Garden in Powsin.