We create fairy-tale Gardens of Lights

As the creators of Gardens of Lights, we want to bring people together and use light to tell amazing stories and trigger unforgettable emotions. The idea to create Gardens of Lights, whose themes are well-known and loved fairy tales, emerged from our fascination with light and the desire to build a creative space for spending time with friends and family members. Places full of light have always been associated with warmth, safety and meetings with our loved ones, when we can share our stories and experiences.


Using unlimited possibilities offered by multimedia products, we carry out projects with huge potential and turn them into a contemporary form of family meetings and spending free time, whereas the events we organise are innovative forms of entertainment that offer a completely new experience to viewers.


These days, the need to become close to one another again seems to be more important than ever. Regardless of whether we design one of our Gardens of Lights, a music festival or urban space, our goal is clear: to awake a feeling of community and evoke a lot of positive and warm emotions. To achieve that, we create unique areas which encourage the audience to participate and spread positive energy.


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